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What’s there?

It was one of those casual where ya from, where ya going, where ya staying conversations, on the bus  from Antigua, Guatemala to San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico – a typical backpacker route catering more to gringos than locals. … Continue reading

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After Food, Coffee!

It probably never came out clearly, (we hardly ever get around to food pics, *ahem*) that food is an actual driving force behind our exploration of the world. Remember our quest to find Flower Hmong flower rice, or our chocolate fling? … Continue reading

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The Eagle and the Serpent

Mexico!  Its dreamers…. and dancers…. Its preachers…. and peddlers…. The nachos! And nature….. Yes, even its wheelers and dealers effortlessly disarmed us- and entirely charmed us! The dark side of the (not so) United Mexican States, the stark narrative we kept hearing, of … Continue reading

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Kampi and the River Dolphins

Our sliver of a boat is wedged between two bushes midriver. The swift current creates the illusion of an armada of treetops gliding silently upriver. Between these islets dolphins play, tantalising us with glimpses of a glittering fin or a … Continue reading

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We tramp a perpetual journey…

“I tramp a perpetual journey My signs are a rain-proof coat, good shoes, and a staff cut from the woods……” (Walt Whitman, Song of Myself) We left Switzerland for SE Asia five days ago. It already feels a lot longer- … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Leaving Portugal’s inspiring landscapes and homey comforts for busy booming Switzerland was *kinda* hard. I mean, who wants to leave a country where homemade soups and buttered toast fingers figure prominently on restaurant menus, and run-of-the-mill fields are home to exuberant displays of … Continue reading

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Love is in the air….

Gotta love this supermarket run! Once in a while, not researching a destination, (usually a no-go for this detail oriented traveller), has its own rewards-  this time, a bevy  of unexpected, exciting sights, sounds and smells, smack in the middle of … Continue reading

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Only in Thailand

Only in Thailand…. ongoing Finding a cut-off point for a blog post with the working title “Only in Thailand” is proving impossible- even without the divisive political impasse the country is currently floundering through. So I’m spotlighting just a few … Continue reading

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Stick Rite for all

There’s no doubt about it, Laotians love their “stick rite” They consume more sticky rice than anyone in the world! Many people subsist on it- and on not that much more. They work hard for their modest harvest, and still … Continue reading

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Lao Lai Lai

Lao’s indomitable joie-de-vivre is irresistible…. and its tranquility bewitching, (blue hour-rush hour Ventiane) I’m completely convinced there’s truth in the old saying that ‘the Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch it and the Lao listen to it grow’: Don’t fall … Continue reading

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