Phayo, Franche-Compte, Elounda, Jum

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Leaving Portugal’s inspiring landscapes
Portugal Coast

and homey comforts
Us in car

for busy booming Switzerland

was *kinda* hard. I mean, who wants to leave a country where homemade soups and buttered toast fingers figure prominently on restaurant menus, and run-of-the-mill fields are home to exuberant displays of wild flowers and squadrons of pollen-drunk honey-bees…

Not to mention the peaceful river beaches large and small that are scattered all across the country and along Portugal’s sparsely populated west coast

and a capital city as elegantly laid-back as Lisbon. (Even M of the Wide Open Spaces didn’t want to leave!)

I really only managed to lure him away with the promise of Port in Oporto….
Old Wine

On our first day in the country we overheard a young Englishman lecturing his dad on Portugal’s misguided touristic development: “There’s nothing here for the tourist, Dad” he whined. “This is what you do here, you hang out under trees and drink coffee and beer.” He forgot to add: And have a fantastic time! We loved the unhurried pace and how strangers would take the time to share their life stories- their around the world adventures- across a cup of soup in a steamy Mom and Pop restaurant, or even on a random street corner. Stories that reminded us that Portugal was once a big-shot colonial power, and still is an emigrant country

Other in-country favourites: Sampling (and re-sampling) fresh out of the oven Pasteis de Belem
Pasteis de Belem

casing unusual, century-old treasures
Golden Treasures

cool urban art
Street Smart

and mysterious hidden nooks and crannies

Then there’s the field research on Port Wine
Douro Valley

and the obligatory self-experimentation with its many varieties

The rare and lovely Brunfelsia latifolia, aka Yesterday (purple) Today (lavender) and Tomorrow (white),YesterdayTodayTomorrow

sighted at the grandiose Quinta Aveleda, symbolises our Portuguese experience perfectly: A low-key, highly enjoyable blend of old and new, in a marvelous and mercifully undersold country.

4 Responses to Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. December 9, 2015 at 19:09
    Brigitte Fischer says:

    Our Rivercruise was wonderful. With the wineleaves getting colured, the warm light of the setting sun enyoing the sceenery with a glass of portwine on deck was very relaxing. The drink we were talking about on your stay in Switzerland I did not find on any list of beverages and I was to shy to ask. But I still had a taste of it recently: Visiting the youth theater here in my hometown performing Nutcracker. Among the drinks at the bar there it was – named “Zuckerfee” (they always serve drinks with names corresponding to figures in the story) and I fully agree with you – absolutely delicious!

    Hope to read soon more

  2. Dear Regine und Andi, Welcome home to cold and rainy Switzerland, a shock after the warm balmy days in Portugal. Don’t forget our dinner on 17. June on the banks of the Limmat. c u soon.

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