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Stick Rite for all

There’s no doubt about it, Laotians love their “stick rite”
Sticky rice

They consume more sticky rice than anyone in the world! Many people subsist on it- and on not that much more. They work hard for their modest harvest, and still need to work inventive side-businesses just to make ends (barely) meet: That’d be the lady in the flowered apron selling early morning donuts, or the gent hawking warm soy milk from a small coal heated barrel fixed to the back of his bicycle.
The relaxed pace we so enjoyed in Laos cannot mask the fact that for many Laotians, life is a day to day struggle. In some areas, child malnutrition is the rule, education unaffordable and the risk of alcoholism high. On a larger scale, the country’s resources are being sold off in a big way. Who knows how the influx of Chinese and Vietnamese, and their dams, railways, mines and other super-size endeavors will affect the lives and livelihood of the people here…
Kitchen    More cars, big cars

Blurry flower

beautiful Laos
Sun-dappled monks

Thanks for the generous friendliness, in spite of everything. It means a lot to us.
M and Dong and 100B

Here are M. and Dong, 24/7 man for all seasons, at Pakse Royen Hotel, and one of the hearts he folded for us out of Thai 100 baht bills. (This is a collage folks, so no, Thailand doesn’t have giant banknotes)

Stick rite also comes in- sticks!
Stick rite comes in sticks

Even trees get a serving, that’s Laos in a rice grain…. what’s not to love?!
Sticky rice or trees

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