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Meet’n Greet

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Regina and Andy  (soon to be Perpetual Travelers)

Tad Lo, Bolaven Plateau, Laos
We’ve always traveled. Travel is, and always has been, a major part of our lives- solo, as a couple and as a family with our two sons.

One of us at least has made it to:

England, Scotland, France, Italy, Austria, USA, Chile, Bolivia, Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt, Argentina, Finnland, Sweden, Norway, Ecuador, Tunesia, Canary Islands, Baleares, Thailand, Laos, Belgium, Brasil, Morocco, Malaysia, Slowenia, Sri Lanka, Greece, Spain, Turkey, PuertoRico, Iceland, Holland, Andorra, Canada und the Vatican! As of 2013 add Burma and Indonesia

regina goes USA

Regina goes USA


Andy, also known as M, as in Mosi, is our dedicated in-house photographer and Nikon lover, with an eye for treasures large                                                           and small


Up to December 2012, we both worked with refugees in Switzerland- M. (a certified carpenter and facility manager doubling as social worker), ever since the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina! I, Regina, (midwife, nurse, mother and more), was newer at my refugees-job, and really grateful for almost 30 years of nursing experience to fall back on, when dispensing medical help and moral support (often by sign language!) to new arrivals @ Zurich Airport.


I always had ambivalent feelings about the view from my office window though….


When we weren’t at work, we traveled, spent time with people we love and  prepared for our life of perpetual travel that began  in January 2013-

We erased the dauntingly long to-do list on the whiteboard in the hall of our apartment on December 31. 2012.   We did it!