Day Out Chaung Tha

You’ll find a description of this adventurous day out  here.

Motorcycles can be hired anywhere in town. If you get to talking with locals and mention that you need a scooter, they’ll likely offer you their own. Our contact, likable David at the Grand Hotel, spoke good English and was conscientious about getting us reliable motorcycles. (David is moving on to Dubai or similar in May 2013). Check that the owners have a permit for their machines, they don’t all have one and can’t go beyond the big bridge toward Pathein, where there is a police check point. This becomes relevant if you’re short on time for the last ferries and choose the inland route back to Chaung Tha. We were told that foreigners were normally left in peace by the police, but you never really know……

We paid 8$ per motorcycle, from 8 am to 7 pm, two helmets included, (as in construction helmets). Study Google Maps or similar before you go. GPS would be a boon, but if you say Ngwe Saung going out, or Chaung Tha coming back, people will direct you toward the ferries. You’ll be riding along deserted beaches and through airy palm forests.

Again, be sure to leave enough time for the return journey, ferries are less frequent in the afternoon.

Palm cove coastline