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Land Ahoi

Landfall! Excitement surged as the Volcan del Teide finally put down anchor on Lanzarote’s shores, after 30 (thirty) more- or less- enjoyable hours on board. Adrenalin waned quickly though, as we lifted anchor again and chugged on into moist twilight- the hours expanding exponentially … Continue reading

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A Slice of Spain

Underreported unchecked advance of The Olive Tree in Andalucia! A mining industry that died and many shiny new ones… The intense scent of fresh pressed olive oil, of eucalyptus and dust; twin black tree trunks like thick checkmarks topped with frothy … Continue reading

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Old Haunts (not a Halloween post)

Our very first spot for “roughing it” in our Peugeot Partner, aka micro camping car, came with a handy photo frame a swarm of busy lady bugs, a herb garden, a 360° view of autumnal Piemont and 9 hours of surprisingly … Continue reading

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Where in the World?!

Somewhere over the hills, in a place called home……

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Naturally Nepal

Overwhelmed by Kathmandu’s gritty chaos, I look back over my shoulder for M. I follow his gaze and catch just a fleeting glimpse of who he is smiling at- a hunched little man wedged into a decrepit wheelchair. The man’s … Continue reading

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Dread of Descent, Hiking the Himalayan Foothills

Some people are smitten with the fear of flying. The opposite happened to me: On our trek into the Himalayan foothills I developed a bad case of what I call Dread of Descent, (which quickly trashed the notion I’d been … Continue reading

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Karnali River (too) Slow Boat

Everything felt just fine, ’til we stopped for lunch…. Rafting this section of the Karnali River is effortless- like drifting into an impressionist painting and elicits only a very occasional, faint trickle of adrenalin- even in the most timid of … Continue reading

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Bardia and Back (hopefully)

I bet nobody visits Bardia National Park on a whim- the logistics need serious attention! To opt for a 17+ hour bus ride- or a pricey 360$ flight? Fall back on the painless version- a smooth four hour ride to … Continue reading

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Namaste Bhaktapur

In the soft, dusty light of evening the old city of Bhaktapur, with its pagoda roofs and its harmonious blend of wood, mud-brick and copper, looked extraordinarily beautiful. It was as though a faded medieval tapestry were tacked on to … Continue reading

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Nepal and I go back a long way

The endless blue sky fell steeply all around us like a bell. To have reached the peak was glorious, but the nearness of the sky was overpowering.* (Herbert Tichy, Cho Oyu: By the Favor of the Gods) * The peak of … Continue reading

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