Phayo, Franche-Compte, Elounda, Jum

A Slice of Spain

Underreported unchecked advance of The Olive Tree in Andalucia!
Olive Invasion

A mining industry that died
Coal Mining

and many shiny new ones…

The intense scent of fresh pressed olive oil, of eucalyptus and dust; twin black tree trunks like thick checkmarks topped with frothy silver, against brilliant, emerald fields; feisty and friendly freerange pigs, (who M, with a gourmet’s eye, insisted on calling Pata Negras…)
Pata Negra

classic countryside-
Spanish Landscape

ancient history-
Ancient history

They all figure in the juicy slice of Spain we savoured, on the  slow journey to our goal on the edge of Europe: Huelva. Windy jumping off point
Windy shores

for interepid discoverer Cristóbal Colón, on his way to the Canary Islands and the New World. And for us too. On our way to discovering -well- just the Canary Islands- (for now at least…)
Columbus and us
(Map courtesy of Cristóbal Colón)

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  1. Thanks, it sounds just wonderful. Great Fotos Liebe Grüsse Arminelle

    • Thanks Arminelle. M is the Foto Guy and does a wonderful job methinks. Holiday Season nearing… here it’s Christmas lights in orange trees…

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