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Ghost of Travel Past?

the old and the new
Is still alive and kicking! This, ladies and gents, is nothing less than Christopher Columbus's trusty guidebook, "The Wonders of the World", by Marco Polo, including Columbus's  handwritten notes in the margins Here's our trusty guidebook. Some things never change!! Ghost of Travel Present? Well- solving health issues, and other, funner, (yes that's a word) activities: Ciudad del Mar is not the only byname Las Palmas goes by- more about our whirl with all things culture coming soon... Ghost of Travel Yet to Be? Maybe this: “Nothing so liberalizes a man (and a

Love is in the air….

Ship at end of street
Gotta love this supermarket run! Once in a while, not researching a destination, (usually a no-go for this detail oriented traveller), has its own rewards-  this time, a bevy  of unexpected, exciting sights, sounds and smells, smack in the middle of Gran Canaria's biggest city. I admit- we’re smitten! Smitten with Las Palmas, aka “Ciudad del Mar”- what an uninspired catchphrase for a breathtaking (breathgiving!) location.... (Photo courtesy of the internet) The ocean is all-pervasive here; it’s in the air It pops into casual glances It makes you overlook

Land Ahoi

Here we come
Landfall! Excitement surged as the Volcan del Teide finally put down anchor on Lanzarote's shores, after 30 (thirty) more- or less- enjoyable hours on board. Adrenalin waned quickly though, as we lifted anchor again and chugged on into moist twilight- the hours expanding exponentially to our impatience to get off the boat, and on to Gran Canaria, the island we'd been gravitating toward for weeks. (Tennessee Williams is so right: Time is the longest distance between two places!) Landfall  on Gran Canaria at 9 pm. There's faint warmth in the air and tangy

A Slice of Spain

Pata Negra
Underreported unchecked advance of The Olive Tree in Andalucia! A mining industry that died and many shiny new ones... The intense scent of fresh pressed olive oil, of eucalyptus and dust; twin black tree trunks like thick checkmarks topped with frothy silver, against brilliant, emerald fields; feisty and friendly freerange pigs, (who M, with a gourmet's eye, insisted on calling Pata Negras...) classic countryside- ancient history- They all figure in the juicy slice of Spain we savoured, on the  slow journey to our goal on the edge of Europe:

Cold Play

There was no leaving the Provence without paying our respects to venerable Mont Ventoux. We were rewarded for our early morning detour with air like une coupe de champagne and grandiose, chiffon-layered views toward our next destination Languedoc Roussillon- Land of ever improving wines hearty slow food and, in our case, happy nostalgic wanderings. Still, when we woke up on daylight-savings-fall-back Sunday, with our breath making clouds in the air, and “Madame le Camping” (think bathrobe, oversized pink scarf and Gitanes blondes)  proclaimed with laconic logic: C’est le changement de l’heure

Old Haunts (not a Halloween post)

Our very first spot for “roughing it” in our Peugeot Partner, aka micro camping car, came with a handy photo frame a swarm of busy lady bugs, a herb garden, a 360° view of autumnal Piemont and 9 hours of surprisingly comfortable rest. Asti, Alba and co. still offer the savoury charms of Fall’s abundance. Prices have definitely jumped to new levels though, since our last visit in 2010. You might need to figure as much as 100 Euros per person per day (!) to

Partnered up for a Grand Tour

Jane Goodall
The 7th of October 2014 was a drab, watery day in Switzerland, with a single- but bright- redeeming feature It marked the first day of our long awaited Grand Tour of Western Europe Main participants: M and I, and a silver grey Partner by Peugeot. All of us fitted out out with enough camping gear for spontaneous meals and nights on the road First stop Bardolino, sul Lago di Garda, our friends-only 5 star haven for body and soul. All is good, with Jane Goodall and Enea who

“…Should you follow

....your star, you cannot fail to land in glorious harbor.” (Dante, Inf. 15,55-56) But where the blip have we landed? Here! And here And here And in so many other favorite places. Still, when birds form arrows that point south in the sky, and Fall falls, in mushroom-scented hues then it's time to bid the "glorious harbour" good bye!