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Reality Check and other unpopular Stuff

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?!


What we thought about as our Perpetual Travel Dream evolved into a plan:

Can we afford to stop working for money?

This took a lot of number crunching. Swiss citizens can look for information here: – a comprehensive site explaining the ins and outs of Swiss Social Security. There’s a well-hidden link on the page, where participants can apply for an estimate of future benefits, based on past and future earnings. The service is free if you’re older than forty! After a couple of months you’ll get a fat envelope wherein every cent you’ve ever earned is listed, and an impressive- if incomprehensible- calculation of the future fruits of your labor.


If your going for early early retirement in Switzerland, you’ll need to keep paying a premium until you officially come of (social security) age. You can do this once a year from anywhere in the world. A year’s gap in payments, any time in life, results in a yearly 2.3% cut in benefits………..

We had to work our way towards being realistic about covering our living costs before- and after- Social Security kicks in. We’re not banking on any earnings on the road, although we wouldn’t say no to a paying job once in a while. We expect most of our work to be on a volunteer basis, or in exchange for goods and services. We can live perfectly well this way, in cheaper countries. Our budget practically precludes living in Switzerland though.