Phayo, Franche-Compte, Elounda, Jum

Love is in the air….

Gotta love this supermarket run!
Supermarket run
Once in a while, not researching a destination, (usually a no-go for this detail oriented traveller), has its own rewards-  this time, a bevy  of unexpected, exciting sights, sounds and smells, smack in the middle of Gran Canaria’s biggest city. I admit- we’re smitten! Smitten with Las Palmas, aka “Ciudad del Mar”- what an uninspired catchphrase for a breathtaking (breathgiving!) location….
Las Palmas
(Photo courtesy of the internet)

The ocean is all-pervasive here; it’s in the air
Rusty sign

It pops into casual glances
Ship at end of street

It makes you overlook ’70s ugliness without blinking
Confital beach

and on wilder days, lets you walk beside the four lane city highway, engulfed in the sound of crashing waves while you sniff sea breezes.

The light changes dramatically all the time
Urban beach

It gilds details
Light light

and boldens colours, or darkens them with fast, heavy, rainclouds
Rain threatens

You start to remember to look out for rainbows.

And this for my Swiss friends: Dichtestress auf Kanarisch!

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