Phayo, Franche-Compte, Elounda, Jum

Day out Kanchanaburi

Route: Kanchanaburi, Thai Garden Inn – Chong Khai War Cemetery – Koapoon Cave Temple – Stone Garden – Giant Tree – Kanchanaburi. We followed the numbers on the TAT map: 5, 6, 8, 10

TAT Map Kanchanabri

Duration: 9am to 3pm

Getting there: 110cc scooter, 150Baht/24h. About 20km each way


Chong Khai War Cemetery- We’re just not able to imagine the pain of losing a loved one to war. The cemetery is touching in its unfaded remembrance and careful upkeep….


Tour groups visit Koapoon Cave Temple,

Tough Meditator Kaopoon Cave

so it’s well lighted and there is no need of the flashlight that’s now part of our staple day pack. We managed to get a few quiet moments with the sweet old lady that watches over the reclining Buddha. This is a much venerated figure, and we too paid tribute to the special atmosphere in the cave.

Offerings Kaopoon Cave

We didn’t find the Monkey School marked on the map, nor Buddha’s Footprint Khao Sadet (signposted). The Stone Garden, tucked away in the spacious grounds of Kanchaanaburi’s Agricultural College, is probably better viewed during wet season.

We refused to give up on the tantalizingly named Giant Tree though, (we both have a Thing for trees).

Signpost to Giant Tree

Finally our tenacity was rewarded. A timeless scene.

Giant Monkey Pod Tree