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We Bagged Bagan, or The Other Way Round?

There’s something enigmatic about Bagan.
Bagan Buddha

Because it’s steeped in history?
TwinStupa Bagan

And Buddhist devotion dating back more than a thousand years?
Early Morning Monks

Or am I having a premonition of local life going into hiding- like in other small cities that are mercilessly inundated with tourists? For now, the foreigners that stream into town in exponentially increasing numbers are still met with good-natured curiosity and even enthusiasm.… I wonder why……
Bagan Rumpel counts our hard-earned $$
Well seriously, we actually enjoyed paying this guy, (who we called Rumpelstilzchen), even though his last-to-be-had-in-town rooms were terribly over-priced. His little jig of unadulterated delight when we paid him was worth every dollar. Here, he’s packing up after the dance.

The daily market in Bagan is a whirl of colors and smells,
Bagan Market

Market Bagan

and glimpses of stories that only life itself will ever tell-
Enigmatic Bagan Beauty Enigmatic Bagan Beauty
The vendors laughed, and smiled a lot, when we put the camera aside long enough to buy a big bag of tomatoes, carrots, avocados and limes. One of our best salads yet!

Of course we climbed a pagoda for the Bagan Sunset Experience. Yes it was crowded, and yes it felt somewhat like being on the wrong side of the bars in a zoo…
Bagan Sunset Photographers Bagan Sunset Photographers

Lovely sunsets though.
Bagan Sunset

But not as lovely as Bagan smiles!
Bagan Sandpainter

4 Responses to We Bagged Bagan, or The Other Way Round?

  1. Liebe Regine

    enjoy reading your blogs, especially your take on the street scenes. How about a picture of you and Andy. Our own trip starts on March 22, a three week trip through South Afrika, lg


    • Hebet Sorg in South Afrika…. And have fun too! R+M
      PS Like your avatar- lost some weight?? hihi….

  2. March 22, 2013 at 20:31
    Lilian Zanetti says:

    Ciao belli,
    Habe totale Freude an eurem Blog. Ganz tolle Bilder(bestimmt fast alle von Mosi) und deine Kommentare sind wie immer treffend.Hatte auch Freude Raffaele und Hans zu sehen auf den Bildern, sie werden ja bald zurueckkommen und vieles zu Erzaehlen haben.Es ist so schoen mit euch (auch nur in der Fantasie)mitzureisen. Hebed eu sorg
    Liebi und herzlichi Umarmig


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