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Only in Thailand

Only in Thailand…. ongoing

Finding a cut-off point for a blog post with the working title “Only in Thailand” is proving impossible- even without the divisive political impasse the country is currently floundering through. So I’m spotlighting just a few personal favorites:

Only in Thailand: Hot-air balloon pilots strong-armed gently persuaded to fire great plumes of flame into their tethered balloons, in sync with a thunderous rendering of Nessun Dorma by Andrea Bocelli, offset with blasts of multi-colored fireworks, at the annual Chiang Mai Balloon Festival
Balloon Festival

Only in Thailand: Craggy-faced police officer in full uniform strums an electric guitar and croons tender love-songs behind a donation box
Singing Policeman

Only in Thailand: An opulent temple bathed in kaleidoscopic changing colors, the silvery floodlights create a moment of magical disorientation- a fairy-tale winter wonderland
Icy Temple

Only in Thailand: For 40+ years and counting, a revered King initiates and maintains an astounding number of Royal Development Projects. They include Agriculture, Environment, Public Health, Occupational Promotion, Water Resources, Communications, Public Welfare and others. The water resource development projects alone number more than 2000!The King and we

Only in Thailand: A 50 meter Olympic size pool all to ourselves, (thanks to a sensible Thai aversion to cold water in cold weather)- not like the hardy Farang to the far left

If you’re thinking all this sounds too good to be true, you’re right: Perhaps only in Thailand do you risk climbing out of said spacious pool with… dark green hair
Hair green

Admittedly, the first flush of Thailand infatuation is over, but the fascination remains: Drag queens ushering kids to the Night Safari animal train? Drag racing on a track not longer than a decent back yard? You name it!  A cushy candlelight meal for six, for fifty dollars? We’ve got it!

That we got to know such splendid people in Chiang Mai is certainly not an “only in Thailand” thing, But convivial Chiang Mai definitely smoothed the path toward our enjoying good times, in much appreciated company….
Slow warming on a cold Sunday morning
Good company

Thanks to all @ Sang Serene and surrounds!

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