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No big surprise, but fun!

Chiang Mai Winter

Like many- many! longer-term travelers in SE Asia, we’ve ended up in Chiang Mai for the winter. You’ll find rants and raves about the city, but there are definitely reasons for its popularity…. No, I would not want to live inside the “famed” moat, a spectator to the same old saggy pants, strangled hair high season spectacle- Chiang Mai has so much more to offer. (A drawback for some might be that to live here and to enjoy what lies left and right of the banana pancake trail, you’ll most likely need wheels. We are renting a 110cc automatic Honda scooter for 3500 Baht a month).

There’s a lot of cost of living information out there- so I decided to highlight just one day’s shopping, and how we’re still wide eyed, in a very “for-goodness-sake-we-lived-in-Switzerland” way, when we tally our grocery bill. All produce we bought today, except for the melon and the orange juice is organically produced !

Carrots 1kg                        $ 0.93

Beets 500gr.                      $ 0.77

Logan Flower Honey        $ 2.95

Avocado x3                       $ 0.93

Cabbage/1 Lemon           $ 0.77

Bananas 6x                       $ 0.77

Spring onions                   $ 0.15

Cucumbers small 6x        $ 0.77

Passion fruit 1kg              $ 1.05

Radish white 2x                $ 0.46

Melon                                 $ 0.93

Potatoes 1.25kg               $ 1.37

Orange juice 3×5 dl          $ 3.10

Smoked Pork 2x               $ 2.80

Crispy salad snack           $ 0.31

Grains snack cooked       $ 0.31

Grand Total                        $18.00

That’s 16 Swiss Francs. I cringe to think what these groceries would have cost in Switzerland…..
Organic produce for a song

It might be going a little far to call Chiang Mai a bundle of joy- but still….<3
Heart-shaped leaves Chiang Mai

4 Responses to No big surprise, but fun!

  1. December 19, 2013 at 00:22
    Hans Zbynden says:

    I had a plate of linguini with white truffles for lunch today 🙂

    How long will you be staying in Chiang Mai? And please show us some pictures of the place you live!

    • HAA-AANS!!!
      Staying til end of Jan. but our “Thai lernen” goal already seems a doomed undertaking…. PM dir e room with a view!

      • December 30, 2013 at 02:53
        Christiane says:

        Me too! Please send a picture of where you live and the view! I will need to see some warm climate as we head into another snowy and cold week. Friday: -13C daytime, -21C at night.

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