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Reality Check and other unpopular Stuff

What can we absolutely not do without?

Our nearest, our dearest, shelter, food lovely food, health insurance. Yes, health insurance for us, not arguable. We’ll pare down all the rest, aka Cherished Possessions, to a barebones minimum that will need to have room in three storage boxes each.What’s not to like? (Ahem)

Health insurance is expensive and it’s worth doing in-depth research before choosing. We’re looking at BDAE Expat Retired and IMG Global Medical Insurance. If you’re over 50 like us, check out the hike in premiums when you get to be 60 or 70! The shock alone will likely make any insurance at all redundant. BDAE is the only provider I found that tells you appoximately what you’ll be paying, whatever age you reach. Alternative suggestions welcome! Update 2015 After an unhappy stint with World Nomads Insurance we’re now STA insured, but luckily haven’t needed to use the services.

We had many heated discussions about creating a home-base somewhere on the planet, and finally decided on no home for now. Actually that’s not even 100% true. We’re proud owners of a parcel of riverfront land on a farm in Bolivia called El Prado.

Yes, we need a contingency plan.

Let’s face it, things can go wrong. Life as we know it can change in a split second, and we all grow older. It’s pointless to count on things staying the same, or going the way we hope or think they should. So even if dwelling on worst case scenarios feels uncomfortable, our thinking things through in what-if mode made for more peace of mind…… We thought about dire illness, death, dementia and disability. Not your favorite subjects either?! We’ve looked at one lovely safe-haven already, and found out that depending on location, individual care can be affordable too.


Dok Kaew Gardens Old Age Retreat

I spent a rainy and increasingly cheerless afternoon creating a “going home” file for both of us to fill out. It covers our demise and includes a bevy of personal information that’s meant to make things easier for our nearest and dearest. And believe me, it will.There are many variations of what such a document might include to be found online.

And while I was at it, I reread Regrets of the Dying as witnessed by Bronnie Ware and am at peace with the choices we’re making.