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Krung Thep, City of Angels

Leaving Kanchanaburi’s charms for Bangkok’s allure. It didn’t take long for Thailand to win over our hearts again.

Brilliant Smile

Bewitching Pink SlippersGiant Trees Spell

It feels too soon to be leaving. We’re about to spend a month in Myanmar.

A stack of brand new US $ bills from a good old bank in Switzerland came with us, so our main task here was the visa. There is more than enough information online to make getting it completely hassle-free. These step by step instructions are still current. We’re staying at Marvin Suites hotel which is only about eight minutes by foot from the embassy. This made getting there early (about 7.15) a breeze. The line started getting longer after 8.00, and  there were about 70 people waiting when we stepped back out into the street at 9.20, coolly tucking away our yellow pick-up slip.

We’re not sure about the internet situation in Burma, so we’re preparing to stash our impressions and pictures in a Myanmar treasure chest- for later….

4 Responses to Krung Thep, City of Angels

  1. Der Regine and Andy
    Just caught up on your blogs and it seems to me that you’re burning money (dollar bills) at an enormous rate. The ready’s got to last at least another 20 years. That said, I’m a bit envious of all the beautiful places you’re visiting.
    Will you be back on 24. August for my huge 60th birthday party?
    lg stef aka KLB (kind loving brother)

    • Dear Excellent Bro
      Food (and internet)dodgy here in Myanmar, so not spending money on meals any more. Sending while connected, more soon

  2. Nice pic,

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