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Dipping into Nature’s Treasure Trove

Our one motorcycle, two boats, four caves loop, out of Van Vieng, reminded us how eye-catching, brilliant and varied the small creatures of Laos still are- cocooned  in far-flung swathes of verdant green- a world upon themselves
Mysterious forest

Down near the Nam Xong river, little clouds of butter colored butterflies circled the muddy paths in flickering zigzags. Dark iridescent Great Mormons, the size of small bats, careened along dizzily in couples. Once in a while, the most decorous in this colorful pageant settled down for a rest- and M got his chance at a photo shoot!
Butterfly resting

But it wasn’t all dainty butterflies- A column of these busy but alert little fellows had hijacked the handrail of the very wobbly footbridge I had  to cross….
Red ants alarm

And I was startled by this velvety creature while balancing precariously in a rickety outhouse at the third cave site we visited….
Textured moth

It’s good to be reminded that there’s an inherent balance in nature: I wish our waste removal systems were as pervasive, quick and sustainable as these tiny workers: Here a piece of banana, a few minutes after crash landing on a stony and deceptively empty path
Ant service

Several hundred meters into wet, slippery Nam Borkeo Phaboua cave, our flashlight picked out this pale, almost translucent, ummmh….spider-hopper? An undiscovered species would be cool!
Cave creature

Ok, so this specimen is strictly speaking not a creature, but it very much wants to be!
Scary plant

Creepy crawlies for breakfast too. (Our pet gecko – we wish!)
Pet gecko

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  1. Shared your Cuddles joke with the kids. Broke them up. Store still empty?



    • And this says what about your kids? Exactly- Great sense of humor! Store, unfortunately, still only exists in my mind…..

  2. October 19, 2013 at 01:55
    Christiane says:

    Vielen Dank fuer die wunderschoenen Fotos!
    Skype this weekend? Miss you! Big hugs to both of you Christiane

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