Phayo, Franche-Compte, Elounda, Jum

Best Tuk Tuk in the World

Lake Toba

We live above a Body of Water now. To just call it a lake wouldn’t do justice to the entity that slurps burbles, slaps and swishes ceaselessly, below our (yep, rock bottom again)  $8.70 a night terrace….

1000$ view

Add the busy, chatty bird population in the biggest tree far and wide, and a big sky, and the scene is set for the feistiest nature fest anyone could wish for. Welcome to enchanting Tuk Tuk, Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

Welcome to TukTuk

We’re guests of the Batak people- getting to know an eclectic mix of mellow and wild, charm and pride. Reveling in the mild summery weather, the acoustic guitars and melodious singalong Batak songs of slow afternoons and warm windy nights, the Eden-like gardens and bewitching landscapes….

Lake Scene

Batak Houses for Rent

Toba Scene

Yes there’s another side to the fairy tale- a wicked witch or such, for whom there’s no room in our tuk tuk for now…

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