Phayo, Franche-Compte, Elounda, Jum

An Inch of Undeveloped Coastline

This is a adventurous day out from Chaung Tha, you’ll need to be a confident motorcyclist with some muscle power, (the trip includes hauling the scooter off boats and over narrow planks as below).
Roll across this board for boarding

Or consider hiring a guide/driver. The trip will take you from Chaung Tha, across three estuaries by three ferries, to Ngwe Saung- for a look-around, lunch, and if you like, cappuccino and cake at one of the more sumptuous resorts. (Yes please!)

Expect near-deserted beaches,
Shell Collector

peaceful scenery
Girl and her pigs

and curious, friendly and gentle people.
Boy and M and fun

Fruit tasting

Start the return journey by three, so you don’t miss the last ferry back. Google Maps helped us with navigation, as did the people in the villages we passed.

1st ferry crossing- Adventure ready
Adventure ready ferry 1

2nd ferry crossing- Embark far right
ferry port 2

3rd ferry crossing- Confidence inspiring captain, dressed for business
Cäptain ahoi

Not so sure about that any more!
Captain at the helm

Have fun! (See Days Out Chaung Tha for more how-to info.)

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